Admission to All Saints School will be via an EHCP placement.

*EHCP (Education, Health, Care Plan) placement –the school will receive a referral from Norfolk County Council. All referrals are read by the Headteacher and if it is felt that that school could meet the needs of the young person the school will arrange a visit for the student and parents/carers. The Headteacher will decide whether the placement is suitable and if a place is available. A trial will then be offered (of at least 2 consecutive days) and a decision made regarding the offer of a place.

Occasionally, an extended trial period of up to 1 term, may be agreed by the Directors, Headteacher, Parents and EHCP co-ordinator.

There is no entrance exam for All Saints School. Admission is by interview with the Headteacher or nominated staff member, and it is the policy of All Saints School to interview students irrespective of the information previously received. (Occasionally, it is felt appropriate to conduct interviews with relevant adults, WITHOUT the student being present.)

All Saints School may well visit prospective students in their current academic setting, to undertake observations, and meet with existing staff. Where students are currently out of education, the school may wish to conduct home visits.

All Saints School accept entries into the school throughout the year and understands that for all students changing schools or attending after long absences can be extremely difficult and the transition needs to be completed with empathy and support from all students and staff and close liaison with parents/carers.

All Saints School does not admit students whose specific difficulties relate primarily to their behaviour. It is essential for the well-being of all, that new students can be seen to fit in with their peers in a positive and constructive manner. An offer of a place will be made providing the student's presence at the school is not deemed detrimental to the education or social wellbeing of other students in the school, and where it is felt that the school is able to meet the specific needs of the student. The school may decide to use baseline testing to assist in decision making.

The decision to offer a place will be made by the Headteacher following consultation with relevant staff, and an offer sent to the parents or placing authority. If it is an EHCP placement the placing authority will make the decision and inform the school and parents / carers once a decision has been made. Once a placement has been agreed a start date can be decided upon.

All Saints School is not a Section 41 school and therefore a Local Authority cannot order the school to accept a child or young person.

*Norfolk County Website with relevant links and pages about Applying for and EHCP and what to do if you think your child has SEND.

*For advice and guidance when starting an application for an EHCP:

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