Our daughter xxx has come home this evening with a massive smile on her face, she can’t stopped talking about her day and is talking about buying school uniform for when she joins you.

Please pass on my thanks to everyone that has been in contact with xxx this week and made her so welcome.

After all these months we finally have our happy daughter back.

New Parent Year 9

Just a quick email to say a huge ‘thank you’ to you all for turning xxx’s life around, for the patience and belief you have shown in her.

She has grown into the most wonderful, slightly bonkers (!) human being, whilst in your care.

Honestly, it has been a fantastic experience for us, as a family unit to know that xxx was so well looked after. She finally found her place after many years in the wilderness.

We will miss you and will always look back at her time at Lessingham with a smile and joy in our hearts.

Year 11 Parent - July 2020

We are so happy that xxx is at your school and are exceptionally proud that he is doing so well, the online learning has been brilliant in difficult circumstances and the teachers have been amazing. 

Thank you, we are very grateful. 

Year 7 Parent - March 2021

When Ofsted visit, put them in touch with us please as we want to get across how wonderful and what a brilliant school you are.

Year 3 Parent - March 2021

All Saints School
School Road, Lessingham
Norwich NR12 0DJ