School Improvement Plan



Priority 1:

Further improve leadership and management and ensure continued compliance with all of the independent school standards

  • Leadership team established with clear job descriptions
  • Advisory board in place
  • All staff held to account for their contribution in school improvement
  • All policies in place
  • All Independent school standards met
  • To engage with all parents and carers
  • To ensure students feel they have a voice and a say in how our school is run
  • To ensure our most vulnerable students have access to effective nurture support

Priority 2:

Raise achievement in all areas of the school

  • Create a five-year curriculum plan that meets the needs of students
  • Ensure teachers carefully monitor students' progress and use the information to plan teaching and learning activities that stretch students in their learning
  • Ensure teachers carefully monitor students Social, Emotional and Behavioural development
  • To further develop interventions
  • To ensure assessment and feedback impacts positively on learning

Priority 3:

Develop a culture of the love of reading and promote reading for pleasure

  • To create a love of reading for all
  • To create a library in the heart of the school
  • Provide structured opportunities for reading and sharing reading
  • Create whole school / class reading challenges
  • Use student voice forums to develop strategies to support reading for pleasure

All Saints School
School Road, Lessingham
Norwich NR12 0DJ